General Purpose Masking Tape, 18mm x 55m, 3" Core, Tan

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  • Easy to tear, yet resists slivering, ensuring one-piece removal.

  • Rubber adhesive provides instant adhesion and resists lifting or curling, yet still removes easily.




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Reliable performance, first and foremost. Crepe paper backing tears easily, offers moderate conformability around corners and over irregular surfaces, while the rubber adhesive sticks instantly and offers strong holding power that resists lifting and curling, while removing cleanly and easily from surfaces without slivering. It bonds well to paper, metal, wood and painted surfaces and features enough tensile strength to be of use in many holding, protecting and bundling applications. A controlled unwind ensures the tape dispenses evenly from the roll, making it less likely to tear prematurely. Ideal for non-critical paint masking in medium temperature paint bake operations, general labeling, light and medium-duty attachments and all around, general indoor use.